About the IBLA

The IBLA was established in 2009 as a non-for-profit organization meant to help increase the growth of lacrosse in Illinois. The league provides resources to all members to assist in developing a positive and safe playing experience for all.

2024 Season Details

  • 10 v 10 (Majors, Minors, Juniors A & B Gold) – $900
  • 7 v 7 (Juniors B, C & Minis) – $700
  • Includes 8 League Games & End of Season Tournament (2 game minimum), Payment of Officials, All Star Game, End of Season Tournament & Trophies, Certified Athletic Trainers, Scheduling Software, and Administration Costs
  1. DAY OF cancelations will be posted at least 2 hours before game start time.
  2. Changes to weekend games will be submitted on the IBLA Season Ticker website by 5 PM CST the Tuesday prior and will be posted to the Season Ticker schedule shortly after.
  3. For questions regarding schedule changes and games cancellations, please contact your team’s coaching staff or a program director.
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Pre-Season Activities

The IBLA Pre-Season is an important part of creating teams, divisions, and conferences. All Club Directors and Coaches are invited to attend the meetings that occur between January and the beginning of the season.

Come join the IBLA for a players clinic hosted by current Notre Dame Players!

Each player who signs up will get 2 hours of training for the NCAA defending champions along with a specialty event t-shirt to be signed be each ND player in attendance.

Click Here for more information.

  1. The Pre-Season Meeting informs all Clubs of rules, procedural and other new and updated information
  2. New Rules are submitted and reviewed
  3. Club Tournaments are discussed
  4. Scheduling dates are discussed
  1. The 2024 IBLA Coaches Convention will be hosted  on February 25th, 2024. Location to be announced soon!
  2. Partnering with USA Lacrosse, the convention includes demonstrations, classroom whiteboard sessions, and program support workshops.
  1. The IBLA is committed to growing the sport throughout the state of Illinois.
    1. The IBLA can assist in growing participation in local programs via guest appearances at pre-season clinics, P.E. classes, or other lacrosse-related activities.
  2. The IBLA will be hosting Free learn to play clinics throughout the Chicagoland area to provide offseason assistance to communities.
  1. The IBLA Competition Committee is an important part of determining the level that teams will play.
    1. Using previous years’ data and coaches’ input, teams are voted into the divisions they will play.
  2. Conferences are also discussed and developed for the season.
  1. Team scheduling takes place online using Season Ticker and is followed by an in-person meeting.
    1. The IBLA schedule will be refined in the league-wide meeting on March 10th, 2024.
    2. League will help schedule crossover games to eliminate unwanted duplicate games.

Post-Season Activities

NOTE: Playoff locations are set based on the availability of fields. Smaller programs with lesser fields will travel to locations where every conference team can meet and play at a single location.

  1. The IBLA ALL-STAR game is held each year at Benedictine University.
  2. All clubs and levels submit voted players to the IBLA and all-star teams are selected.
  3. The game takes place the week leading up to the playoffs.
  1. Teams must compete in 7 SCHEDULED IBLA CONFERENCE GAMES to be eligible for the playoffs.
  2. Some conferences and divisions are split again at the end of the season depending on size.
  3. Some conferences and divisions will be restructured to promote equal competition in post-season play.
  4. Seeding of the teams is determined once the last games are played.

Become an Official Game Referee

Anyone interested in being a referee this season (ages 15+) can register for training through the Great Lakes Lacrosse Officials Association. There is no cost for the training. All fees are waived for youth/new officials.

Register to become a member of the GLLOA, then sign up for the training.

To be announced soon!

To be announced soon!

The IBLA is a USA Lacrosse Sanctioned League

We are happy to announce the IBLA is aligning with USA Lacrosse for the 2024 season.  We are excited about the support USA Lacrosse will be providing our league this year.  They are already making a positive impact, including the collaboration at the IBLA Coaches Convention on February 24th.

Next Steps:

If you are already a member, you are all set! Programs will receive a link for all participants to become a member. Registration costs $30. The IBLA will ask for each player’s membership # during player registration and waiver check.

Additional Benefits:

  • Background checks league-wide for coaches
  • Educational resources for players, coaches & program directors (USA Lacrosse App)
  • Access to grant money to support programs in need
  • First sticks program (Trylax)
  • PE Introduction program
  • Discounts to national events
  • Monthly publication
  • Connection to the governing body of Lacrosse which will continue to help grow the game
  • Supplementary Insurance for all participants

IBLA Border Patrol Program:

All players who participated in the IBLA in 2023 will be expected to return to the same home program in 2024. All IBLA players should be participating on the team with the closest proximity to their home address.

All players who participated in the IBLA in 2023 will be expected to return to the same home location/program in 2024.  The league does not condone programs recruiting players to improve the quality of their teams.  Participants should be participating on a spring team which is within the closest proximity of their home address.  This should also be in line with the HS the participants will be attending in the future.

All players making a request to transfer to another organization will need to receive approval from the Executive Board.

Transfer Form will be sent to the family after an application is submitted

All transfer applications will need to be submitted before the deadline of March 15th

Spirit of the Rule: No organization will be permitted to recruit players to create Travel or “Super” Teams during the spring community season.

IBLA Important Dates

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