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Illinois Boys Lacrosse Association

Levels of Play
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Our Mission

It is our mission to raise the level of instruction, support, coaching and play for all of Illinois youth lacrosse.

Lincoln-Way Youth Lacrosse

ILBA Member Program

IBLA Membership Benefits

  1. The IBLA will be hosting Free learn to play clinics throughout the Chicagoland area to provide offseason assistance to communities.
  2. The IBLA hosts an annual pre season Youth Coaches Convention to provide educational opportunities for all member clubs.
  1. On Field Officials and Scheduling
    1. The IBLA handles all scheduling and coordinating of referees for all IBLA sanctioned games by working with the referee association to ensure all games are properly officiated. The IBLA staff will also perform reviews of the
      officials for teams.
    2. The IBLA works closely with the Illinois Lacrosse Referee Association to schedule officials for IBLA
      teams. The IBLA covers referees for all of your regular season games and all playoffs.
  1. The IBLA provides a league Handbook, Game Day Cheat Sheet and Code of Conduct for players, coaches & parents.
  2. Following league committees help set standards and enforce league policies: Executive Board, Boarder Patrol Program, Competition Committee & Rules and Ethics Committee.
  1. League Scheduling and Placement meetings are held to ensure proper placement of teams and in some cases
  2. Conferences are also discussed and developed using available teams.
  3. Teams are able to schedule 8 regular season league games. A minimum of 7 games must be completed in order to
    qualify for the playoffs.
  1. Coaches will nominate two players from their team to participate in an All-Star Game at Benedictine University this spring.
    1. This is a fun day to get all of the teams and players together, and watch some of the best players face-off in a fun, friendly game. The players will also receive All-Star jerseys.
  2. The End of Season Tournament will crown a champion for all levels of play during the first weekend after Memorial Day.
    1. Divisions may be re-aligned to promote equal competition during post season play.
  1. Founded in 2009 as a 501c3 Non Profit Organization with 5 member organizations.
  2. in 2023 the IBLA has grown to include 43 member organizations with over 175 teams participating in league play.
  3. Recognized as the “Gold Standard” by USA Lacrosse in 2019.
    1. Presented at 2019 Fall Youth Lacrosse Summit
    2. Has provided guidance for other States: Michigan, Arizona, Indiana, Idaho, Utah, Minnesota, & Nevada

IBLA Scheduling is Managed By:

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Our organization’s vision is built upon the fundamental belief that sports possess the potential to transform lives positively. We strive to create problem-solving products and provide services that not only foster sustainable growth but surpass all expectations. Our values center around communication, leadership, integrity, passion, and performance. We recognize that these values serve as the foundation of our operations, and we hold ourselves accountable for upholding them in all our activities. Our commitment to empowering players is reflected in our motto: “For the Players. By the Players.”

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Why join the IBLA? Here's what people say about it.

The IBLA is an integral part of the success of lacrosse in the Chicago region. It is well organized, well managed, and provides excellent competition. We look forward every season to the start of the IBLA!
Glen Ellyn Bulldogs
IBLA Member Program
Lake Forest Lacrosse has benefited greatly from our participation in the IBLA. We are able to find suitable competition for all of our teams, ranging from our most elite teams to our most novice. As anyone who has run a youth sports program knows, finding good competition that can sufficiently challenge your young athletes without overwhelming them is a challenge and critical to the future of your program -- and IBLA has been critical to our growing our club. IBLA is without question the best option in the greater Chicago area to find the right competition for youth lacrosse.
Lake Forest Lacrosse Association
IBLA Member Program
The IBLA embodies all of the qualities that our club expects of a youth lacrosse league. A healthy balance of developmental and competitive opportunities has allowed our players to improve their level of play from year-to-year. A community of clubs and programs who are always willing to support and assist one another is an invaluable benefit of membership in the IBLA. The dedication and ambition demonstrated by all IBLA participants to grow lacrosse in our communities is unmatched. Mike Gabel and his staff are always a pleasure to work with and have the knowledge and expertise to guide you as your program grows. Our founder once told me that the best decision he ever made for our program was to join the IBLA, and I have to say that he couldn't be more right. The IBLA will always be our league of choice!
Lincoln-Way Lacrosse
IBLA Member Program
Fox Valley Lacrosse Club has participated in the IBLA since its inception about 10 years ago. The IBLA provides the most comprehensive boys spring youth lacrosse offering in the Midwest. Ages range from K-8th grade with A, B and C levels at each age providing appropriate competitive games for all levels of athletes beginner to advanced. The league administrators are very in tune to the needs of the lacrosse community and they work very hard to adjust the league as needed to keep pace with the growing/evolving lacrosse landscape in Illinois and across the country.
Fox Valley Lacrosse Club
IBLA Member Program

Our Member Programs

Parents → Coaches → Club Directors

Contact Chain of Command

Parents and Coaches should not contact the IBLA directly. Parents should contact their child’s coach should a situation arise that deems a conversation. Coaches should contact their Club Director regarding issues with players, parents, referees, game situations, or any other topics where a discrepancy exists.

Club Directors are the only authorized personnel that should contact the IBLA directly.


Game Day Situations: Should a situation arise during a game or weekend that warrants a review, coaches should talk the situation over with the referee at the next break interval.

If either coach disputes a call that affects the outcome of a game, you should talk the situation out with the referees and opposing coach. Should that not resolve the issue, then your Club Director should be contacted.

Program directors can contact the IBLA at director@ibla.seasonticker.com.

Levels of Play

Majors – A, B Gold, B Silver & C

Minors – A, B Gold, B Silver & C

Juniors – A & B Gold (10v10), B Silver & C (7 v 7)

Minis – A (7 v 7), B (4 v 4)

*Minis Division Placement* All second graders must either play Minis A or move to Juniors.

Evaluation Process

The Competition Committee would like all players to be registered on the league website by March 2nd to evaluate their past experience and current level of play. We understand most programs may not have final rosters completed by this time but this will assist with your ability to justify your team’s level. As a reminder, the roster lock date will still remain as April 3rd to allow player movement between teams. This movement should only occur with less than 25% of your participants.


Special Request Petition

If you believe your team falls between the guidelines outlined and would like to make a special request for placement, please fill out the form below. 

IBLA Registration Placement Guidelines

– The priority of the guidelines is meant to protect the C level first. New players should be competing against new players. This is meant to create a positive experience for all first year players.

– The league also wants to encourage teams to make the jump to the A level if their team is composed of older, club “OR” more experienced players.

-Program minimum placement: If a town has 2 teams at a level, only 1 can be C at the Minor/Major age level

-If your team meets 2 of the below criteria in each level, that is where you should be placed.

-If you would like a recommendation before registration feel free to contact the IBLA.

A Level 

– 75% of Higher Grade

– 75% of players with 3 or more years of experience

– More than 50% of players play club lacrosse

B Level

– More than 25% of team has 2 or more years of experience

– More than 10% of players play club lacrosse

C Level

– Less than 25% of team has 2 or more years of experience = 75% of team has 1 year or no experience.

– Less than 10% (2 kids) of players play club lacrosse